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0002169Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-05-13 15:26
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Summary0002169: Non Sticky propagation track tab in ALE
DescriptionTicket #388027
Another long standing issue:
Propagation Tracking tab in the logbook ALE will go away after a period of time. After 15-20 minutes the "Track" checkbox will uncheck and A, K and Solar flux data will no longer be tracked and eventually go blank. That means no stored data in log (I track Prop data in log with every contact) It might happen when HRD goes out for new propagation data ...

Propagation data tracks forever in the DM-780 ALE window ...
Additional InformationRon posted 07/31/2017 11:28 AM
For this test it took ~28 minutes to "untrack" .... HRD just running in background, doesn't matter what you are doing ..Seems to "time out' .... Although there is 'data' showing after the 'uncheck', that data will go away on ALE activity such as a new contact ...

The only way to get tracking back is to re-check the "track" box or "Tracking", "Propagation tab

My thought is something that is timed is triggering the reset ... I'm pretty sure HRD goes out periodically and gets new space data (every 30 minutes ?) ... Could that be the reset trigger? I would look there first ...

Flux/A/K continues to track on the second page of the DM-780 ALE ....

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2017-07-31 12:38



2017-08-18 12:50

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Confirmed on build 779/780.


2018-05-08 13:57

developer   ~0004975

Here is a link to the ticket:


2018-05-09 10:53

developer   ~0004980

I'm not perfectly sure I understand what "non sticky" means here. I can't reproduce any problem of the "Track" setting in the propagation tab persisting across instances of the ALE. If there's an sisue here, please open a separate mantis isuse with a solid description and some repro steps.

I'm able to reproduce the other issue, which involves the propagation track setting turning itself off after the first propagation update. That's fixed.

I also noticed that the "Propagation" choice in the "Tracking" menu of the ALE did not influence the track setting; it would reflect the setting of thet rack checkbox, but itself wouldn't change it. I've fixed that.


2018-05-09 10:54

developer   ~0004981

fixed with this checkin


2018-05-13 04:49

viewer   ~0005029

Working fine now

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