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Summary0002180: DM-780 RSID Button grayed out on Transmit Toolbar without a radio connected.
DescriptionThere times we have encountered operators who's radios are too old or not designed for CAT control. They still purchase HRD and a SignaLink or other audio interface, and use it for Logbook and DM-780 ONLY. Many do not want to fool with the "Demomatic" radios and they just enter the frequency and other information in the DM ALE manually. Those operators who choose to use HRD in this way should still have access to all the functions in DM-780. It would be nice if this option functioned without a radio connected,

In DM-780, there are THREE places with check boxes to activate the RSID option. Locations 1 and 2 are both on the "Program Options > Moded + IDs >" Reed Soloman (RSID) TAB. The third location is in the "Program Options > QSO >" Transmit TAB. (Don't understand why 3 locations when only one should be necessary. With the Check boxes in all three places checked, the [RSID] button on the DM-780 Transmit toolbar should be activated.

Also, the [RSID] button on the Transmit Toolbar should be able to "toggle" the RSID function on and off when no radio is actually connected.

Attached are images of the locations where the check boxes are to activate RSID. There is also an image showing, even though the check boxes are checked, the RSID button on the DM-780 Toolbar is still grayed out.

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2017-08-03 22:14



2017-08-18 11:44

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Checked with Demomatic FT-450 - RSID toolbar button is grayed out even with the Demomatic radio connected. Will check later with live radio.


2019-07-26 01:49

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This ticket can be closed. Not positive when this issue was resolved, but recent testing shows the RSID button in DM-780 appears to be working exactly as designed in V6.5 and 6.6

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