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Summary0002196: Synchronizer master radio will not update slave radio
DescriptionTicket #321894
Thanks for the instructions. I have now updated to the latest version of HRD.

I have managed to create syncronization HOWEVER I expected the slave to continually follow the master; so as I tuned the master rig, the slave would automatically follow. This doesn't happen. I have to click REFRESH in order to update the slave. Is this right?
Steps To ReproduceI did a remote into the customer's computer. Recorded a video of what appears to be a bug. I moved the frequency on the Master radio and expected it to do the same on the slave, however, the only way I could get it to change the frequency on the slave was to click the "REFRESH" button on the Synchronizer app. This should be all automatic and the slave should automatically track frequency changes on the master radio.

Here is a link to a video showing the issue on the customer's computer.
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2018-04-23 02:13

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Got the same report for Ticket #350710
Also replicated on my own machine

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