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Summary0002197: Logbook open and close performance is slow
DescriptionThe loogbook application stores records in memory, after reading them from the database. It does so with an egregiously bad data structure. If we imagine each record as a set of values for each column, we can think of each of those values as a “cell”. The value of the “call sign” cell in record #6 might be “K7ZCZ”, while the value of “Frequency” in record 102 might be “14.313.000”.

The logbook has about 120 columns that are visible to users; it maintains about 225 columns internally. Thus, each row has 225 cells. If you’ve got a logbook with 60,000 QSOs in it, the logbook is managing values for 225 * 60,000 == 13,500,000 cells.

The problem is that these cells are each managed as individually allocated or freed bits of memory. Some work was done to eliminate null, empty, or zero values; but in my testing, a 60,000-row logbook still allocates more than 4 million individual blocks of memory.
Steps To Reproduce
1) We have a 60,000-entry logbook for testing. Import it.
2) Close it. Takes about 50 seconds
3) Open it. Takes about 35 seconds.

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2017-09-07 22:31

developer   ~0004134

I've got a prototype fix for this. It needs to be integrated to the mainline, and tested further (particularly with Awards and Filter)

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