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Summary0002198: Reques:t 180 degrees elevation & 450 degrees azimuth
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I am using a Yaesu G5500 rotator and which can do 180° in elevation and 450° in azimuth. But I can't figure out how to configure HRD to show more that 90° in elevation and 360° in azimuth. Both of the features are very important for tracking satellites because they reduce dead time for rotation around the antenna stop.
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2018-10-16 22:30

administrator   ~0006285

Well, I don't think there's any such thing as "more than 90 degrees of elevation." 90 degrees is directly overhead. Anything less than directly overhead is less than 90 degrees.


2018-10-23 05:26

updater   ~0006335

I agree on, also the antenna will go out of phase because it's up side down
Elevation is supposed to be in the 0 to 90c range (from Horizontal to Vertical)
When reached the 90 mark, the AZ rotor turns 360 and the EL goes downwards from 90 to 0 again.

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