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Summary0002203: DM-780 RSID doesn't function properly
DescriptionTicket #518410
Phone call - Customer complains the RSID pops up in different spots on the GUI. It should appear ONLY down in the area just above the TaskBar clock at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can see this in screenshots I have attached.

Also, when clicking on the RSID popup, it is supposed to place the cursor on that signal on the waterfall and change the mode in DM-780 to whatever the mode is that the transmitting station is using. For Example, if the transmitting station is transmitting in Feld Hell, as shown in the images I uploaded, you should be able to click on the RSID Popup, and your cursor on the waterfall will jump to that position where the signal is on the waterfall. It should then change the "Mode" from PSK, if that is what you are currently monitoring, to Feld Hell and your ready to TX and RX in that mode on the signal shown in the RSID.
Steps To ReproduceMonitor any band for Digital Signals, such as 20m 14.070 USB and set DM for PSK. Turn on RSID and wait till someone is transmitting the RSID and watch the popups as they come up in lower right corner of GUI. Click on the RSID popup and note that it will no longer take you to the signal on the waterfall and set the mode in DM-780 to the mode indicated by the RSID.
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2017-08-14 12:31


RSID Error (1).jpg (54,761 bytes)
RSID Error (1).jpg (54,761 bytes)
RSID Error (2).jpg (66,372 bytes)
RSID Error (2).jpg (66,372 bytes)


2017-08-21 11:15

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Another thing I just noticed this morning. When RSID is active, it doesn't matter what software is running in the foreground, the RSID popup comes up on top of the software that's running in the foreground. I discovered this while in Google Hangouts and had DM-780 running in the background. Someone transmitted with the their RSID active and the popup came up over top of the Hangouts full screen. Didn't have time to get a screenshot of it, but as soon as I can, I'll attach a screenshot. Hope this can be resolved.


2017-08-25 03:18

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Another ticket posted about this.


2017-10-09 16:18

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Also see Ticket #124454


2019-07-15 03:45

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New Ticket #280090


2020-03-25 03:10

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Ticket #785277

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