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00022231 - BacklogBugpublic2018-06-14 00:14
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Summary0002223: Logbook Bulk Edit no longer having CONTEST ID pulldown menu
DescriptionHRD Logbook's Bulk Edit function no longer
Displays a selector for enumeration values when adding the CONTEST ID field.
Instead it requires to type the exact enumeration value for the contest I want.
This is inconvenient and error-prone

In previous versions, it would show a pull-down list of contest identifiers (enumeration values) like NAQP-SSB.
Now, I have to type the enumeration value "NAQP-SSB" exactly in the free-format "Text" field.
If I type a value that isn't a valid enumeration value ("NAQP_SSB") the Contest ID field in the selected records is cleared.

To find a valid enumeration value, I had to edit a logbook entry and, in Contest tab in the edit window, look in the pull-down list there.
That's inconvenient, and if I make a mistake and type a bad value, the Contest ID in the selected records does not get set.
Steps To Reproduce1. Select a number of log entries.
2. Click Logbook->File->Bulk Editor->Any Fields
3. Click the Fields tab
4. Click Add Field
5. In Field pull-down, select Contest ID
6 Yellow doc window says "QSO Contest Identifier use enumeration values for interoperability"
7. "Text" field is the only input field enabled.
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2018-06-14 00:14

administrator   ~0005300

I need more information about this one.

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