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Summary0002227: FT-847: Mode select button does not display current radio mode
DescriptionFrom the forums, SM5DXU:
In the last two versions of HRD I have used, the current radio mode settings on my FT-847 are no longer displayed on these three buttons in the top right corner:
- Mode:
- Sat RX:
- Sat TX:
The settings can be selected or changed with the buttons, but the current settings are not displayed.
The error applies to releases and but not to or preceding 6.- releases, and not to to the old 5.24 release.
Additional InformationN4KIT: The same issue is present with the FT-920. Possible this is something related to more than one Yaesu model.
Did a quick search of Mantis for similar reports but did not fins any.
TagsFT-847, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
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2017-08-22 22:06

developer   ~0004076

The FT-847 uses the old Yaesu fixed byte-width protocol rather than the newer Kenwood-style sentence protocol. Seems like mode setting just doesn't work correctly for those radios; FT-920 radios have similar problems.


2017-08-24 12:16

developer   ~0004077

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Which are specific versions are the "the last two versions of HRD that you have used"?

Are this the " and" releases described as "the error"?

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