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Summary0002230: New Radio Support Requested for the SDR Play Receiver
DescriptionThe following is an e-mail I received from SDRPlay Support when I requested some support for my own SDRPlay Receiver.
Tim, I notice you work for HRD, I know we have many users that would like to use your software suite with our RSP and/or SDRuno. I also know some people have encountered difficulties in doing this, usually related to conflicts when it comes to Rig Control, in my opinion.

I don't know if you have had previous contact with our software team but if not we would welcome some collaboration to ensure our software works together as seamlessly as possible. If you are interested in starting a dialog please email me at and I will make some introductions.

Your SDRplay Support Helpdesk Team,
Steve Brightman
SDRplay North America

Additional InformationSDRuno is their own software that supports their SDRPlay receivers. It's something like the PoserSDR and SmartSDR for the Flex radios. It's actually the "software" part of their radio hardware. I don't know if it is of any help, but I've included the SDRuno Users manual in the files for this request.

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2017-08-30 22:19


SDRplay_SDRuno_User_Manual.pdf (4,345,750 bytes)


2018-09-29 12:24

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The SDRPlay can now be supported through 3rd party software and information directly from the SDRPlay Manufacturer. This ticket can be closed.


2018-11-05 21:20

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I'm not positive we should close this. It seems a reasonable request that a very popular radio product be supported directly by HRD. If we rely on third-party interfaces, then support could be dropped at any moment. The third-party solution also provides a configuration and usage story that's more complicated than necessary. Further, we don't control the usage, performance, or stability -- the experience of our users is largely out of our control, and that's a very weak position.

It's desireable to provide direct support for the SDRPlay radios in Rig Control so they can be used with HRD as a receiver radio. But it's also quite common to configure the SDRPlay radios across the recieve loop of a main radio in order to get a broad, high-resolution spectrum display. This seems like a very useful feature to add to HRD and integrate with its control and logging features.

The team should get together and discuss the alternatives, as well as the estimates for the work involved and prioritization of the feature.

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