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0002234Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-05-27 15:04
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002234: M2 AZ/EL Gauges in Rotor Control not working
DescriptionTicket# 241778
in HRD Rotator, when we upgrade HRD to version, the driver for the 'Herrin RT-21' goes missing. There is drivers for 'Herrin RT-20', and for the 'Herrin RT-21 Az/El', however, the driver for the 'Herrin RT-21' is not there. trying both the RT-20 and RT-21 Az/El does not work. When we rolled back to an older version (, the driver is back.

Also in HRD Rotator, we are unable to get HRD Rotator to display the current Az/El information for our M2 RC2800PRKX. It will show the Az information for the Herrin RT-21s just fine, but does not show any information on the gauges for the M2 RC2800PRKX. HRD Rotator -does- appear to send data to the controller, and moves it where it is supposed to, however, the 'needles' in the gauges stay at 0 and 0 for both Azimuth and Elevation, and they never change. I've attached a screenshot showing that HRD Rotator is connected to the controller (as M2 AzEl), but that the gauges stay at '0/0'. (The rotator is parked at 70/70, and does move when you input new Az/El information. It just doesn't show any information on the gauges).

Additional InformationHere is additional information customer just provided after updating to V6.4.0.780

Updated HRD to the latest version (6.4.780), and that resolved the issue with the Heron RT-21 not showing up, so that portion works properly now. However, the issue with the M2 AzEl gauges not working still persists. We've verified that the M2 RC2800PRKX is working properly with M2's program, connecting via Console and via PST Rotator, and those programs all report data correctly, so it's an issue specifically with HRD not recognizing the data for the gauges properly. Can you look into that for us?
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2019-01-30 16:52

developer   ~0007168

Could you provide a screenshot of the Log Output to see what the M2 AZEL controller is returning?


2019-02-12 21:14

developer   ~0007364

HRD Rotator was following documentation that had some errors and verified with actual M2 controller. Changes have been made to fix the issues.

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