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Summary0002238: Extra "DIT" at beginning of any CW transmission
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Customer has an FT-450. Is interfaced with an "EASY DIGI" inexpensive interface that provides soundcard options plus the ability to key separate ports via an optical couplet interface on a Windows 10, 64-bit computer.

Customer reports that in V6.4.0.780 when he attempts and it has been verified by me via remote that when he transmits CW using the "CW" mode and keying his radio CW key via one of the keying ports on the radio, it sends a short "DIT" before it sends the actual text of a macro or text just typed into the TX Window.

This was verified on two different computers. Another computer he had had a previous version of HRD installed, and when connected to the radio and interface, it went the CW perfectly. When we updated that computer to it displayed the same issue as on the desktop where it transmitted the "extra" short "DIT" prior to transmitting the text of the macro or what ever was typed into the TX pane in DM-780.

This appears to definitely be a bug in the 780 release. Could we please check it to see if we can find the issue?

Steps To ReproduceTo replicate:
Needs an interface that will key CW via a com port with a cable connected directly to the key jack on the back of the radio.

Set radio to CW mode. Set DM-780 to CW mode. In the Modes + IDs in Program options, set the CW port to what ever port is used for CW keying of the CW plug on the radio.

Type text in the TX window and click "AUTO" to send. An additional "dit" will be sent before the typed text.

Clear the TX window and activate a macro. Again an additional "dit" will be transmitted prior to transmitting the text of the macro.
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