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00022501 - BacklogBugpublic2018-11-30 23:59
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Summary0002250: Rig Control doesn't work with TS-2000 sub rx powered on
DescriptionRig Control fails to connect to TS-2000 if sub receiver is powered up. There are other variants such as turning on the sub receiver while HRD is already connected will break the connection with rig control. It will restore once the sub rx is powered down using the front panel knob.
Steps To ReproduceLoad HRD Rig Control.
Power on sub receiver.
Put sub rx in VFO mode (also happens in mem mode, but wanted to reliminate mem mode as a potential cause).
Attempt to connect to TS-2000.

Result: Fails on reading frequency
TagsKenwood, TS-2000, TS2000
ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRig Control


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