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Summary0002256: Sat Tracker goes non-responsive
DescriptionAlso follow-up via phone contact 398779

This is a fresh new installation of the software (just got it yesterday). I have configured Rotor, etc. Upon launching Sat Tracking, selecting satellite, and in the Tuning Dial; RX/TX, Manual....well, not even checking any of these...the Sat Tracking (Not Responding)....running this program with Admin Right does not do any good.

PS: Main reason for purchasing the software was for tracking satellites

Please send me a schedule date / time to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks in advance
Steps To ReproduceMike, this is the issue I discussed with you a few days ago.

Did phone follow-up on this issue after Ferry had installed the BETA release which had the mini-dump code in it. Mini-dump was never created during lock-ups of Satellite Tracker. I worked with customer felt we had the problem resolved, however, after further testing customer reported via the follow-up that the fixes I attempted did not totally resolve the issue.

Customer claims to be an IT guy with a software company and is familiar with Windows 10. In the OSTicket #398779 follow-up ticket, customer did a crash-dump from Windows 10 and attached it to the ticket. This might be of some assistance in troubleshooting this issue. If you need me to pull this crash-dump from the ticket and forward it to you, let me know, otherwise, maybe you can just go to the support ticket 398779 and access the dump from there.
Additional InformationOSTicket: 531212
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2017-09-22 14:12

developer   ~0004258

Sorry, Tim; I don't find minidump files at the OS Ticket entries you've linked.

Ticket 398779 has, an archive which contains a few screen shots in PNG format, but no minidump files.
Ticket 531212 is related, I think; it doesn't appear to have any files attached to it.

Minidump files end with the extension *.DMP or *.MDMP.


2018-03-25 16:36

developer   ~0004571

needs a minidump file


2018-12-06 15:44

administrator   ~0006539

We need to contact the user(s) who reported this and retest... and collect more info... or kill it because it can't be reproduced.

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