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Summary0002267: ADIF Field <qso_date_off> is not being imported
DescriptionWhen importing an ADIF file with the field <qso_date_off> in it, that field is not imported.

Generally, there are several new fields in ADIF that HRD does import.

As far as I can see, there are no target systems that use this field yet. For example, LOTW will not use this field for a match.
Steps To ReproduceBeginning with an empty log, import the attached ADIF file. The import dialog will display that the <qso_date_off> will not be imported. The rest of the data is otherwise imported.
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related to 0003181 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook requires a database schema migration solution 



2017-10-07 11:08


wsjtx_log - Copy.adi (2,099 bytes)


2017-10-07 11:13

administrator   ~0004272

Image of import.

ADIFmessage.JPG (178,775 bytes)
ADIFmessage.JPG (178,775 bytes)


2018-04-15 07:25

developer   ~0004830

This error message is incorrect, as ADIF _does_ define a QSO_DATE_OFF field. It's relatively recent, but it's there.

The Logbook database is what doesn't have a QSO_DATE_OFF field. To fix this, we've got to add such a field; to add such a field, we need to migrate all existing customer databases when each customer upgrades to the first version of HRD they've run that supports the field.


2019-03-06 22:20

administrator   ~0007609

Actually... two things:

One - we should punt this until (a) we can conform to the current ADIF standards using the ADIF schema file and (b) we need to update the database schema first.

We also need to discuss the four check-boxes on the import dialog box at some point in the future.


2019-03-07 08:44

developer   ~0007627

I've related this issue to Mantis 3181, which tracks (b).

What Mantis Issue tracks (a)?

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