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0002281Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2018-04-04 15:21
ReporterPD9FERAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.794 
Summary0002281: Add IC-7610 to supported radio's
DescriptionThe IC-7610 is just released.
Support needs to be implemented.
Steps To ReproduceN/A
Additional InformationAs per today, still waiting for the CI-V instruction set.
Will add when avail.
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Sub-ModuleRadio Support
Testing Beta Successful



2018-02-26 11:04

administrator   ~0004326


I've made a check in to clean up some cruft in the rig control app as I get started implementing IC-7610 support.

This self set has a first pass at support for the Icom IC-7610


2018-02-28 06:20

viewer   ~0004328

Sorry - I don't have the IC-7610 to test


2018-02-28 09:09

developer   ~0004331

This change set was checked in to add a first pass at IC-7610 support.


2018-03-01 13:52

viewer   ~0004340

Selecting VFO-B does not make a change to the frequency, only to VFO-A.
All buttons top right work as intended.
Only the VFO-B on the left does not work as intended.
The sliders work as intended. Good job.


2018-03-01 21:13

administrator   ~0004342

Last edited: 2018-03-01 21:45

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G3UCQ - Do other Icom radios differ in their behavior with regards to VFO B?

I'm going to say this is beta test successful with one known exception.


2018-03-03 22:15

administrator   ~0004352

We believe the VFO-B issue is resolved in the 793 build. Test please.


2018-03-04 03:52

viewer   ~0004429

Selecting the VFO A button, selects VFO A on the radio.
Selecting VFO B selects the VFO B on the radio.

With VFO A selected, changing the large frequency display changes the frequency on the radio.
Changing the frequency of VFO B in rig control changes the frequency on the radio and the large frequency display.
When the mouse button is released the large frequency display changes to what is on the radio. Both VFOs on the radio are then reading the same as rig control.

With VFO B selected in rig control, both frequencies in rig control become the same even though VFO A on the radio is different. See the two images.
Changing frequency on the radio, the two frequencies in rig control become the same but VFO A on the radio stays to what it was.

I hope I have explained this clearly.

7610.jpg (126,402 bytes)
7610.jpg (126,402 bytes)
rig control.JPG (38,003 bytes)
rig control.JPG (38,003 bytes)


2018-03-04 04:17

viewer   ~0004430

My sincere apologies. Ignore the above as Tracking was turned on in the radio. However there are still problems,

With the VFO A button selected in rig control, the frequencies change in rig control and on the radio as they should.

With VFO B button selected, changing the frequency of the large display in rig control, changes the frequency of VFO A on the radio even though it is not selected on the radio. On releasing the mouse button the frequency in rig control changes to that of the small frequency display but the frequency of VFO A on the radio stays.
Changing the frequency of the small display in rig control does change the frequency of VFO B on the radio.

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