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0002289Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-07 05:46
ReporterPD9FERAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002289: FREQ_RX send in wrong formating to Log
DescriptionWhen uploading a log directly written to logbook via the API FREQ_RX is send to the QRZ Log in the wrong formatting (Hz instead of MHz)
See attached document for explanation and screenshots.
Steps To ReproduceSee doc.
Additional InformationTicket #432889
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Testing Beta Successful



2017-12-06 08:31


Issue uploading incorrect formating to QRZ.docx (163,830 bytes)


2018-01-07 03:44

viewer   ~0004299

Ticket #434921


2018-06-06 16:20

viewer   ~0005213

Was contacted by KN4PMA in regards to attempting the get a updated status of this issue.


2018-06-23 17:33

administrator   ~0005408

MikeB... does Ferry have enough detail in the attached Word doc to start this?


2018-11-21 13:39

viewer   ~0006440

Got a reply
Ticket #434921


2018-11-23 11:26

developer   ~0006448

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As far as I can tell, no Logbook API is involved and the problem is actually when the Logbook uses the QRZ API to try to upload a record. Is that correct?

 > MikeB... does Ferry have enough detail in the attached Word doc to start this?

Sorry, I don't know what it is that Ferry wants to start. If you can provide an explanation, I can offer an evaluation. Or, maybe it's easier to just ask Ferry directly?


2018-11-24 00:23

developer   ~0006457

I spent about three hours digging through this issue. Here's what I had to piece together to make sense of the report:

  • The attached document says "our DB", but never establishes who "our" is. Is it QRZ? Or HRD? Or maybe even JTAlert or QSO Relay? Turns out I viewed the properties of the document to figure out that it was written by Ferry, so that produces the clue that "Our DB" refers to the HRD Logbook database.

  • "The API" could mean any of a few APIs the Logbook exposes. We never find out which one is in use, but it doesn't matter. The API is only in use because (due to other tracked issues) the Logbook APIs are the only real way to get the FREQ_RX field populated.

  • There are four or five different code paths in the Logbook that end up contacting QRZ; these end up using one of two or three different implementations of different code that actually contacts QRZ. Copy-and-paste reuse, completely oblivious to any effort to refactor, is missing from our code base and it makes questions of "which way?" absolutely prerequisite to understanding how to investigate a bug. Without some way to limit scope, I'm obliged to research all of the involved implementations for the problem, not just one. The document implies, but doesn't say, that the QRZ upload is being done by the "automatic uploads" feature.

  • Now that we know the "automatic uploads" feature is involved, and which database is invovled, the problem isn't too hard to find.

Reasoning out these guesses isn't that hard, but it's not exact work and consumes more time than it should.


2018-11-24 00:24

developer   ~0006458

This fix is checked into the 6.5 branch


2018-12-11 04:33

viewer   ~0006574



2018-12-12 13:41

viewer   ~0006590

Unable to test

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