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0002309Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-07-26 11:30
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Summary0002309: Ticket 908987 DM 780 will not load on computer
DescriptionWorked with customer in remote. Attempted to get DM-780 functioning. The problem appears to be something on the customer's machine when running in normal mode. Started computer in Safe Mode with Networking and DM-780 started and ran perfectly. When we reverted back to normal windows mode, DM would not load, and gave no indication of even trying to load. No crash reports were generated, no mini-dumps were on the customer's computer, at least that I saw. Did a full uninstall and re-install, including deleting registry keys and still the same issue. DM would run in Safe Mode, but not in normal Windows mode.

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has duplicate 0002774 closedWA9PIE DM-780 will not run 



2018-04-13 12:06

administrator   ~0004817

DM 780 runs on the vast majority of user machines, so information specific to this customer is required to understand how their system is different and what's preventing the application from starting.

This issue report doesn't mention which version of the product the customer is using; if they have used other builds with success or failure. This issue report doesn't tell us which version of Windows the customer is using.

It might be helpful to check the event viewer in Windows to see what's happening when the app loads. It might also be useful to see what kind of malware protection software the customer is using; perhaps that is preventing the software from loading.

What happens when the customer tries to run DM780 from the command line in a terminal window (rather than clicking on it in the shell)?

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