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0002314Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-07 05:35
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002314: IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection
DescriptionWhen selecting a station that has been spotted on the cluster, the mode does not change to the corresponding mode
used by the station spotted.. I have been into the cluster settings and the check box is ticked "change mode on dx spot"
Steps To ReproduceN/A
Additional InformationTicket #500555
TagsIC-7851, ICOM
Sub-ModuleRadio Support
Testing Beta Successful


related to 0002710 closedK7ZCZ No Buttons are showing in Rig Control when connected to an IC-7851 



2018-07-25 12:53

administrator   ~0005812

Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.


2018-07-25 13:24

viewer   ~0005820

I don't own such a radio.
So all feedback should come from the customer.
I will ask him after the next release and see if the problem still exists


2018-08-30 07:37

viewer   ~0006024

Customer comment:

I have downloaded the latest update , but sadly I am still experiencing the same

Issues. When using the setup ‘7851’ (and my com settings) the radio malfunctions when using the cluster to switch.

When selecting a station on the cluster the following happens..


If the station is working ‘Split’, HRD sends no command (or incorrect command which is ignored by the radio). If ‘split function is enabled already, the radio will continue to operate in ‘split mode’. Also at certain times the vfo on the radio changes for no reason within 1 second of selection (this can be from a few kHz to several KHz). Re entering the same command switches the radio back to the selected frequency, then one second later it changes again to the different frequency. (Note:- this will be the same frequency jump every time, not random).


The radio switches correctly in mode, split is activated correctly, and when a different station is selected from the cluster, if split is not required, it is de-selected correctly.

There are no issues with the Radio jumping or changing frequency.

I have tried this several times on both radio settings and the 7800-V2 does not exhibit these issues.


2018-08-30 07:45

viewer   ~0006025

Customer also posted some videos in the Support ticket 500555


2018-09-17 03:11

viewer   ~0006211

New report from Ticket# 575493
At my main RIGCONTROL screen I only have the bands but no BUTTONS & SLIDERS.
Also the Sliders button in the above TOOLBAR is greyed out and can not be clicked on


2018-11-01 23:26

developer   ~0006362

This issue is fixed with the related 2710. The radio was internally misidentified, so no code that switched on the radio name/model would work correctly ... including the DX Cluster split code.

Resolved with this checkin:


2018-11-10 19:38

administrator   ~0006421

Last edited: 2018-11-10 20:02

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This may be fixed. I need Ferry to get with his customer to figure that out. Meanwhile, I'm not holding the 901 release for its validation. If we validate it after-the-fact, I'll update this record.


2018-12-10 06:55

viewer   ~0006555

Contacted the reporters.
Will inform you when they get back to me.


2018-12-10 10:35

viewer   ~0006563

Fixed in as per customer


2018-12-13 03:57

viewer   ~0006596

Comment from another customer:

Set the radio selection to Icom 7851 and made some quick tests..
The radio is indeed following the cluster information for the main, and it is following the comment string of any split frequency, however...
the sub receiver is not changing mode to match the mode of the main .. I.e. the Sub will remain in USB even if a CW spot is selected on the cluster.

I have just self spotted on 7.110Mhz LSB with comment string ‘UP 10’
The radio has indeed followed this by switching on the sub receiver and it has set
The sub to 7.120Mhz, but the mode is still USB on the sub ?.


2018-12-20 23:58

administrator   ~0006755

Ferry - is this fixed or not?


2018-12-22 01:14

viewer   ~0006796

Customer reports it working in BETA


2019-01-02 07:57

viewer   ~0006855

Second customer also confirms it fixed

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