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00023221 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-04-08 10:28
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Summary0002322: Too small icons when usin the new generation "4K" Displays
DescriptionAs the new technology evolves my new Lenovo YOGA 920 has a native display resolution of 4k. For this reason the controls icons are display extremely small on some HRD programs, for example display an on the logging window.
Steps To ReproduceInstall 4K monitor and observe the Icon sizes
Additional InformationTicket #618257
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related to 0002088 new Mapper: UI scaling is unusable on high-DPI display 



2018-02-21 05:30


1913402E-EEE2-41CA-B1EF-693D9E2DB4F6.jpg (1,476,450 bytes)


2019-04-08 10:28

updater   ~0007838

have a feeling that field is pulling the frequency directly from the CAT in the radio and it's being handled in a different way with the 4K monitors than it would be if the frequency was being pulled directly from the RC interface screen

Please reference ticket 691779

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