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00025774 - Business PrioritiesBugpublic2020-07-05 00:16
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Summary0002577: Frequency RX is blanked from existing log entry when updating record
DescriptionThere is a logbook field called Frequency RX that is optionally recording during a split frequency QSO as long as the ALE Save VFO B option is checked. Data is also recorded in this field if an API insert submits it. However, if the record is later updated for any reason (QSL info or update are 2 possibilities), the Frequency RX data is wiped out UNLESS Save VFO B is checked.
Steps To Reproduce1. Log a QSO with split RX/TX frequencies.
2. Verify using the log view that both RX and TX frequencies have been recorded. You'll have to add Frequency RX to the layout.
3. Update the QSO after making some trivial change.
4. Verify using the log view that the Frequency RX field for that record is now blank.
Additional InformationDiscussed in Beta Forum thread:
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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related to 0001608 closedK7ZCZ 5 - Closed w/o Action Add Field for RX Frequency 
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2018-03-07 09:48

viewer   ~0004449

I can replicate the reported bug
BUT also noted that when operating simplex, the same frequency is recorded in both columns ie "Freq" and "Freq(Rx)" irrespective of the frequency or band set on the sub VFO, VFO B whatever you want to call it.
The 2 entries are only different when I operate in "Split".
But in Split mode the "Freq" column contains the Rx frequency, and the "Freq(Rx)" column contains the Tx frequency. This is about face as they say.
I have an IC07600 V2


2018-06-25 14:51

viewer   ~0005486

See also 1608 and 580.

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