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Summary0002585: TS-2000x In splitmode transmits on VFO-A instead of the chosen VFO-B
DescriptionRadio is put in split mode to transmit on VFO B. As soon as I select either the "Send" or "Auto" button in Digital Master, the radion switches to transmit on VFO A and transmits there. This same incorrect behavior occurs when using the corresponding "F4" or "F2" keys.

Also notice the frequency display below. VFO A displays the radio's correct frequency. Below that (what I think should show VFO B has only an "S." The value for VFO B on the radio is 14.026.00 This appears on HRD, but not DM 780

(See attached screenshot)
Steps To ReproduceSet up the Radio's VFO B to TX and A for RX
From Digital Master go in Split mode.
Start TX and see how the radio goes TX on VFO A instead of B
Additional InformationTicket #468909
TagsKenwood, TS-2000
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2018-03-09 04:59


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