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00025871 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2018-03-15 08:53
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Summary0002587: Fix the clunky Radio pane in DM-780 – make it as robust as the one in Logbook.
DescriptionUsers need all the capabilities of the Logbook Radio pane in DM-780. As it is now, the Radio pane in DM-780 is much less capable, and there are two separate code blocks to maintain. If the Logbook Radio pane was the standard for both Logbook and DM-780, then there would only be one block to maintain, plus the User would get increased operating capabilities.
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2018-03-09 13:09


Logbook Radio Pane.jpg (52,368 bytes)
Logbook Radio Pane.jpg (52,368 bytes)
DM-780 Radio Pane.jpg (41,619 bytes)
DM-780 Radio Pane.jpg (41,619 bytes)

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