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Summary0002591: No Scroll Bar for Macro List in Rig Control
DescriptionFor anyone who has more an a few macros, the lack of a scroll bar for Marcos in the Rig Control Selection Window is a major PITA.

Rig Control is the app where macros are best developed, tested, and called from Rig Control macros in DM-780.
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ModuleRig Control
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2018-03-23 10:49

developer   ~0004538

There's a scroll bar; it's just not initially visible. Resizing the window will recompute control layout, and the scroll bar will appear (if necessary).

The fix is to initiate that layout just after the dialog is created so the controls paint correctly and the scroll bar appears (if necessary) in that layout.

A fix is out for review in this shelved change set:


2018-03-23 11:38

reporter   ~0004540

I've resized the Rig Control window from very small to full screen and a few graduated sizes along the way. No scroll bar for the CAT Commands section of the Selection pane appears at any window size.

I've restarted Rig Control in full-screen and still no scroll bar. I have lots and lots of macros defined, so I should be seeing a scroll bar in every size Rig Control window, but I do not.

There must be something unique about my Windows 10 64-bit implementation that is preventing the scroll bar from appearing, but I do not know what it could be.

Given the number of macros I have, the lack of a scroll bar is a real PITA, as scrolling up and down with the arrows in the scroll bar column is so slow.


2018-03-23 12:03

developer   ~0004541

I've attached a before image (before I resize the window) and an after image (After I resize the window). Do you not notice the scroll bar appear in the list control after the window has been resized to be tall enough to free the pushbuttons from the client area of the list control, then small enough to require the scroll bar?

Can we verify that we're referencing the same window?

MacroManagerAfter.png (11,845 bytes)
MacroManagerAfter.png (11,845 bytes)
MacroManagerBefore.png (11,539 bytes)
MacroManagerBefore.png (11,539 bytes)


2018-03-23 12:34

reporter   ~0004545

No, we are not referencing the same window.

>>> No scroll bar for the CAT Commands section of the Selection pane appears at any window size.

I've uploaded an image of the window of which I am referring.

No scoll bar here.jpg (239,364 bytes)
No scoll bar here.jpg (239,364 bytes)


2018-03-23 14:39

developer   ~0004546

Ahah! That explains it. I went with "Macro list", and fixed a very different bug.

The issue you're describing is a much more involved change. The folder list comes from a third-party library that we use to build parts/most of the UI, and it simply doesn't support a full scroll bar in this control. We'd have to find a replacement control or roll our own in order to replace the scroll buttons with an actual scroll bar control.


2018-03-23 15:17

reporter   ~0004548

I don't really know if it's worth the effort. I'm likely the user with the most macros there, or someone else would have complained before me.

I'll just reorder my macros and put my most frequently used ones at the top so you don't have to any further effort into this.


2018-04-01 12:37

developer   ~0004616

It doesn't fix the reported issue, but I've checked in this change for the Macros dialog box.

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