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Summary0002593: DM-780 Macro Set Editing & Management is Totally Shambolic
DescriptionI think Simon was badly hung-over when he coded this section of DM-780. I told him as much, and he said he’d fix it when he had some ‘spare’ time. Well, that never happened.

Here are some areas of improvement to consider:

• Presently there are 10 macro set slots in DM-780. Why only 10? 20, 25? User defined number with a scroll bar? Certainly, more than 10.
• The Macro ‘Manager’ is a kluge and not the least intuitive.
• Right-clicking on a Macro Set slot should open the manager for that slot. Right-clicking on an empty slot will bring up a blank Macro Manager pane.
• The Macro Set manager for a given slot should retain the directory path to the .XML file defining that given Macro Set.
• The Macro Set manager for a given slot should retain the filename of the .XML file defining that given Macro Set.
• The Macro Set Title should be stored in the XML file, and saved if changed in the Macro Set Manager. Perhaps the Title and filename should be the same, with filename syntax rules imposed.
• When Editing a macro with Radio Control constructs, the ‘Radio’ pane comes up overlaying the Macro Edit pane and forces the user to move it before any editing can take place. Also, the ‘Radio’ pane is instantiated as ‘Always On Top’ which is a further annoyance.
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2018-04-06 18:11

developer   ~0004732

Laundry lists like this are hard to manage and track. This issue should be split into seven or eight different issues, each with some repro steps and a description of the desired change. Otherwise, managing the communication, work, and timeline for the individual issues is just too cumbersome.

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