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00026111 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2018-11-25 07:23
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Summary0002611: Enhancement request Logbook Backup procedure
DescriptionWhen setting Auto backup in Logbook, it only archives the Active database
This can cause loss of data when you have multiple databases.
Like to see a incremental backup of all databases
Steps To ReproduceHave 2 databases installed
Set auto backup settings for backup when closing logbook.

Work with Database A and switch to Database B and so on...

Close logbook
You notice only data from the last active Db is back upped ...

In Case of a HDD failure, you will lose data from the non active databases.
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2018-11-25 07:23

developer   ~0006468

I don't think this involves any design change, as there's code that executes at logbook shutdown which queues backup requests for all of the opened databases that have a non-zero number of changes. The problem is the implementation, not the design. The implementation starts the backup work, but then begins pumping Windows messages. Since the work is happening at shutdown (at close of the main frame window, more specifically) there quit and close messages floating around. The backup work ends up pumping those messages before it completely finishes, and only one of the backup requests reliably finishes.

I've made a change that mitigates (but doesn't completely fix) the issue in the 6.5 branch:

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