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Summary0002614: Logbook: Consider supporting AIDF IOTA_ISLAND_ID field
DescriptionThe AIDF 3.x spec provides an IOTA_ISLAND_ID field, which identifies an IOTA island. At this time, the Logbook doesn't support that field. It instead writes and reads an app-specific string with the string name of the island, then looks that name up.

It is necessary to have a source of the island names and their corresponding IDs. That probably comes from the RSGB website at, but the site has been down for the last couple of days. With the list in hand, maybe we can support the official IOTA_ISLAND_ID field; it would require another database schema migration, which is a dangerous task because the application, at this time, has no support for translating the schema between builds.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open the Logbook
2) Open a new database
3) Add a record to it with the "Add" button in the tool bar
4) In the "Add QSO" dialog, use the "Island" tab to pick a specific island.
5) Save the entry
6) Export the database as an ADIF file.
7) Examine the resulting file. The IOTA_ISAND_ID field is not found; instead, HRD uses , instead, the app-specific tag "app_hamradiodeluxe_island"

Additional InformationProgress on this enhancement is blocked by the lack of a schema update facility.
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