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00026173 - Current Dev ListEnhancementpublic2018-03-24 09:38
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Product Version6.4.0.797 
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Summary0002617: Digital Master: late-binds to PSDKReporter SDK DLL
DescriptionThe code in Digital Master which uses PSKReporter explicitly links to the PSKReporter SDK DLL. That is, it uses LoadLibrary() get the library, then GetProcAddress() to pick off each function it wants to call. There's no reason for this; HRD should install the PSKReoprter.DLL file (it already does) and use it with implicit linking. All the code to manually load the library and get the address of each function can be removed.

The code to load the library explicitly is copied-and-pasted in two places. One is CBackgroundProcessingThread::PskPropagationReport(), and the other is CPskPropRepOptions::OnTest().

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