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0002622Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2018-04-09 14:37
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.4.0.797 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.806 
Summary0002622: Update awards definitions file for next public release
DescriptionThis awards definition update provides for four items:
- corrects an issue reported with the existing CQ WAZ award that prevented correct totals for Not Submitted, Submitted, and Granted for band awards (K8SIX)
- adds two Worked All Britain awards and one Worked All Ireland award (G4NVB)
Steps To ReproduceNone.
Additional InformationUsers who use the new awards will need to use "user defined fields" in order to utilize them. These were submitted to us by David, G4NVB.
- WAB small squares uses "COL_USER_DEFINED_2"
- WAB large squares uses "COL_USER_DEFINED_0"
- Worked all Ireland uses "COL_USER_DEFINED_3"

Please contact David, G4NVB for questions.
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Testing Beta Successful



2018-03-25 13:36


Awards2.xml (274,198 bytes)


2018-03-25 14:09

administrator   ~0004570

Checked in at this change set number:


2018-04-04 04:21

viewer   ~0004663

I can select the WAB Small Squares, WAB Large Squares and Worked all Ireland awards from the Display list in Awards Tracking. All entities are needed until I back-fill the COL_USER_DEFINED_2, COL_USER_DEFINED_0 and COL_USER_DEFINED_3 columns with the appropriate counters. This won't happen anytime soon, so I can't provide any further feedback at this moment.


2018-04-04 14:26

administrator   ~0004683

VK2BYI - correct. We won't have a lot of control over this until there's a dedicated field for these. The author of these awards can field questions about their use.

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