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0002633Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-04-09 14:37
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.806 
Summary0002633: Logbook: QRZ lookup of multi-part names doesn't work well
DescriptionSome names have multiple parts, like "Sally Jesse Raphael" or "Tommy Lee Jones". Such names are not correctly populated by a QRZ lookup into the logbook.

Steps To Reproduce1) Fire up Logbook
2) Use the "Callsign Lookup" command in the "Configure" menu to make sure QRZ XML lookups are enabled
3) Use the "Add" button to open the QSO editor
4) Enter a user who has a name and/or addres with accented characters in it. I'm testing with "EA2KR".
5) Press "Lookup"

BUG#1) The "Name" field of the main dialog (not one of the tabs) populates with "Sánchez cárdenas". The garbage characters are a symptom of another bug; the problem here is that only the last name and suffix appear in the name field. The name field should contain the full name, as "Óscar Sánchez cárdenas".

6) Enter another call sign "K7ZCZ".
7) Press the "Lookup" button

The "Name" field is correctly populated iwth a first name, last name, and middle initial. Not quite a three-part name, but this correct behaviour highlights the three-name isuse.

Additional InformationOriginally discussed in this forum thread:
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup
Testing Beta Successful


has duplicate 0002178 closedK7ZCZ Discrepancy in ALE Name field with QRZ Lookup 



2018-03-29 06:59

viewer   ~0004591

Ticket #114159
Customer comment:

Having kept logs for fifty+ years it has always been convention to enter first name only in the log ... This has not changed ... Full names are for postal addresses ... When talking to someone we have no need to know his/her full name .... It also takes up precious space on the screen ....

There used to be a switch in the Logbook ALE window (tab) to use either first name or full name in the logbook ....

Somewhere along the line that switch(option) was removed ... It should be put back ...

I see Mike B. has added Mantis 0002633 to look at name parsing ... Please consider adding back the first name only OPTION ... Perhaps a link to 2633 ?


2018-03-29 17:08

administrator   ~0004596

I've opened a separate issue (2636) to track this suggested feature. This issue is about fixing the name parsing.


2018-03-31 12:40

administrator   ~0004608

A shelf set is out for code review to address this issue


2018-04-01 12:40

administrator   ~0004617

This fix has been checked-in


2018-04-04 05:01

viewer   ~0004666

Using the test calls EA2KR, K7ZCZ, W1AW and Z37CEF, three, four and five part names appear to be handled OK. I didn't expect OJ9X to work - "Santa Radio and 100-years of Independence of the Republic of Finland" :)


2018-04-04 11:00

viewer   ~0004672

Build 799 the lookup of EA2KR only display's Oscar as name


2018-04-04 15:41

viewer   ~0004691

EA2KR Óscar Sánchez cárdenas. Fixed for me

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