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Summary0002634: Distances varies on how the QTH Locator is entered
DescriptionThe is obviously no character case checking or translation with Locator field
 When I write all small letters.
 I give an example: (the distance is from my home QTH locator kp20if
 If I write with small letters

 The most format I have seen is two capital letters two numbers and two small letters XXNNxx,
 but XXNNXX are also ben seen. What ever could to please correct the input field for example as the call sign ist entered all small letter are automatically converted to capital letters.
 Of course the same character checking/translation should be in “My Station” locator field.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Logbook
Open ALE
Enter your QTH Locator all Capital case or lowercase or formatted as should XXNNxx
See the difference in calculated distances towards your QSO partner.

Additional InformationTicket #866900
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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duplicate of 0001660 closedWA9PIE Use Maidenhead locator (grid square) for ALE coordinates 



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