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00026351 - BacklogBugpublic2019-08-29 15:53
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Summary0002635: Digital Master MT63 snaps to old possition
DescriptionWhen attempting to change the marker for the main frequency using MT-63, 1000, long from 1000 to 1500, upon releasing the mouse button it snaps back to 1000 hz. If I adjust the vfo up 500 hz it decodes the message fine
Steps To ReproduceOpen Digital Master
Select MT63 mode (does not matter witch one)
Try changing the frequency by clicking in the waterfall
Notice it snaps back to it's original position.

Additional InformationTicket #262558
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related to 0003390 assignedWA9PIE MT-63 in Digital Master has a fixed 1000hz center frequency, Making it unusable for MARS opperations 
related to 0001697 feedback DM-780 - MT63 does not appear to decode properly 



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2018-03-30 11:59

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Probably not a Bug,
pse confirm

(Comment from Tim: The Center Marker will never work for on DM center freq 1500 your M marker will not move over in MT63 mode. MT63 is a fixed bandwidth mode and only centers on I think it is 1500 or 2000 HZ due to it's bandwidth.)

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