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Summary0002643: Rig Control: Preamp support isn't quite correct for IC-7610
Support for preamp settings on the IC-7610 in Rig Control isn't quite correct. The control lets the user switch between off, preamp 1, and preamp 2. That works, but it turns out that the Digi-Sel setting is exclusive to the operation of the preamps. The control should offer Off, Preamp 1, Preamp 2, and DigiSel settings.

Steps To Reproduce
Demonstrated by using an IC-7610:

1) Set Preamp to Pramp 1 on the touch screen
2) Press the Multi control to bring up the default menu
3) Press and hold the "DigiSel" on the menu. This turns DigiSel on, which turns the Preamp 1 setting off.

TagsIC-7610, ICOM
ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRadio Support
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