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00026571 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-03-28 16:40
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Summary0002657: Request: option to turn off Tool Tips
DescriptionCustomer comment:
The way I look at it is the buttons already tell me what the function is. I don't need a popup getting the way of what I can already see. Plus, if the tip pops up over the button I want to click on, it gets in the way - prevents me from clicking... I have defined quite a few buttons with macros, so the button I have defined for, let's say, turning on the RIT (clearly says RIT ON on the button face) the tool tip says something like "Defines as RIT ON" (or something like that - I'm at work right now and can't see the actual tip) - I find this to be really annoying
Additional InformationTicket #158237

Initially, the customer asked turning them off in Rig Control
Would be better to implement this in all applications.
There seems to be an option in logbook to turn them off (see screenshot)
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2018-04-06 04:13


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2019-02-01 18:28

manager   ~0007210

Seems like we need to do a little bit of specification to get this fixed: specifically which tool tips should be configurable?

I think there are three groups of tool tips in the application. One is shown on menu items when the mouse is hovered over them. Another group is attached to toolbar buttons, and appears when the mouse is hovered over those. A third is over the radio controls themselves -- anything in the radio view.

Are there other groups? Different ways to identify groups of buttons? Which do we want to be able to enable or disable?


2019-02-01 18:29

manager   ~0007211

Also, if we want to do this for all applications, it would be best to open a Mantis issue for each application. The scope for each application would be different depending on the design of the application and the desired effect of the feature in that application.


2019-03-13 15:51

updater   ~0007683

Just have a option in all applications to turn Tool Tips off
That will be sufficient enough.
So disable all Hover over txt when disabled,


2019-03-21 15:30

updater   ~0007714

The closed 0003246 has some more additional info regarding Tool Tips covering up Buttons, rendering them inusable


2019-03-21 15:33

manager   ~0007715

In the Triage meeting of 2019-03-21, we identified a couple questions:

There was some question about other applications having an option to hide tooltips, but nobody was sure if it did or not. It would help to know if other applications do (or don't) have those options, and the location of that option in each app.

The scope of this issue is also unclear. Is it to fix Rig Control (as in the title) or "all applications" (as in comment #7683)?


2019-03-28 16:40

manager   ~0007786

In the Triage meeting of 2019-03-28, we agreed that Ferry would find answers to the above questions. I've re-written them here for clarity:

1) Are there other applications in the suite which have an option to disable tooltips for that application? If so, where are those options found, and in which applications. It helps to affirmatively indicate the absence of such an option.

2) Are we intending to switch of all tool tips, suite-wide, from one setting? Or is the intention that each application has itso wn option, local to that application, to switch off tool tips for the application?

3) If we're considering turning off tool-tips for other applications, we should consider scope for those applications, as well. (That is, the same question as comment #7210 applies for each application. Every tool tip? Just ones in certain windows? A set of options for each group of tool tips? Something else ... ?)

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