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00026791 - BacklogBugpublic2019-02-13 08:40
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Summary0002679: Ticket #627379 - Elecraft K3 Extended menu causes crash of RC. No dump created.
DescriptionIn Rig Control for the K3, click on "Tools > Extended Menus >" and when it opens it attempts to load and gets about 1/2 way anc causes a crash. No dump is provided.

In V6.3.0.613 it functions perfectly.

For steps to reproduce see the two PSR Zip files in the Team Drives\HRD Software\Dumps\ file names are HRD and

Hope these help you identify the issue so you can resolve it.
TagsElecraft, K3
ModuleRig Control
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2019-02-13 08:40

manager   ~0007371

I don't have access to a K3. Until I do, the only chance of addressing this issue is by collecting a minidump.

If the app is crashing, it probably is creating a minidump. It's just that the dump isn't caught by our own handler and ends up being processed by Windows Error Reporting.

This can be confirmed by examining the Windows Event Log. There are some notes about how minidumps work in this forum post:

and they include a link to these instructions:

which show how to have Windows Error Reporting keep the dump around even after it is processed.

If this issue is still reproducible in current builds, please collect a dump as it will provide our best chance of working out a fix.

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