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00026791 - BacklogBugpublic2019-10-09 10:30
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Summary0002679: Elecraft K3 Extended menu causes crash of RC. No dump created.
DescriptionIn Rig Control for the K3, click on "Tools > Extended Menus >" and when it opens it attempts to load and gets about 1/2 way anc causes a crash. No dump is provided.

In V6.3.0.613 it functions perfectly.

For steps to reproduce see the two PSR Zip files in the Team Drives\HRD Software\Dumps\ file names are HRD and

Hope these help you identify the issue so you can resolve it.
Additional InformationTicket #627379
TagsElecraft, K3
ModuleRig Control
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related to 0001750 closedKB3NPH 5 - Closed w/o Action Rig Control - Extended Menu Elecraft Crash (K3) 



2019-02-13 08:40

administrator   ~0007371

I don't have access to a K3. Until I do, the only chance of addressing this issue is by collecting a minidump.

If the app is crashing, it probably is creating a minidump. It's just that the dump isn't caught by our own handler and ends up being processed by Windows Error Reporting.

This can be confirmed by examining the Windows Event Log. There are some notes about how minidumps work in this forum post:

and they include a link to these instructions:

which show how to have Windows Error Reporting keep the dump around even after it is processed.

If this issue is still reproducible in current builds, please collect a dump as it will provide our best chance of working out a fix.


2019-03-21 21:50

administrator   ~0007722

In the 2019-03-21 team call we weren't sure if this menu even existed.

Is this an issue we should pursue fixing, or has the issue become obsolete?


2019-03-23 01:25

administrator   ~0007723

I have been in contact with the customer who reported this issue (Ticket #627379). Unfortunately he can't provide any further information. He can't tell me when this feature worked, only that it stopped working sometime between 2016 and 2017. He did, however, provide a video of the "crash". I created a folder (Mantis 2697) in the Dumps folder and placed the video in there for you to view. It appears to just shut down the Rig Control program without giving any kind of error. Hope this helps in some way.


2019-03-23 09:39

administrator   ~0007725

A copy of the dump file written for the crash would be most helpful. Since I don't have access to any Elecraft radios for testing, it's my only hope at making a fix.

Instructions for collecting minidumps are in this thread:

And information about getting dumps that are recorded by Windows itself are in this KB article:


2019-03-28 15:17

updater   ~0007783

I will make a attempt to contact elecraft in regards totis issue.


2019-03-28 17:01

administrator   ~0007788

In the team call on 2019-03-28, we agreed that Tim would own following up with the reporting customer to use the suggested steps to secure a dump for the failed process from the OS.


2019-04-04 12:32

administrator   ~0007828

Kevin contacted Doug from Elecraft Customer Support who said "Closest thing to an extended menu on a K3 is a K3S, the superseding model of radio." which indicates that there is no Extended Menus in the K3 and that the only actual extended menus are in the K3S and newer models.

I believe we can now close this with no action and I will notify the customer of this information.


2019-04-09 10:37

administrator   ~0007843

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Today in Ticket #627379 send the following response:

Hi Tim,

This is version 6.0,0,132. I understand that this is a old copy of HRD.

I also tried version they have posted but it has the crash problem.
Its unknown what version I was using years ago.


Included in his message was a video that demonstrated the K3 External Menus were working in this version. Can we go back to the source for or to a version around this time and check the K3 code in the source and see how it compares to what we now have in the code to see if we can make this thing work as it is demonstrated in the V6.0.0.132 version in this guy's video?

Above is a link to the video this customer left in his OSTicket


2019-04-09 11:14

administrator   ~0007844

Comparing source code across versions isn't a viable way to track down an issue like this.

During the team call, we agreed that we'd try to retrieve the minidump from the customer's machine. Minidumps make identifying these problems pretty easy, and let the dev team focus on the actual fix. Is progress being made on that plan?

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