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0002680Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-03-10 23:56
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PlatformIntel i7-5960XOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version16299
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Summary0002680: Documentation: could explain WSI a bit better
DescriptionThe WSI section of the Logbook's documentation could stand some improvement.

1) The documentation doesn't describe the "B", "M" or "C" columns shown in the settings dialog screenshot -- what do these mean? (Turns out the reader can deduce the meaning from the right-most column in the dialog box, once they get over the fact that "=" isn't a column heading.)

2) The product shows a column "S" which isn't described. What does it mean?

3) The documentation doesn't explain the "QSL types in Worked Status Indicators" group box. What do these controls do/mean? What is a "Confirmation search"?

4) Which logbook is the "ONLY open logbook" if I have multiple logbooks open? Does this mean the logbook with the currently selected tab? But maybe no logbook is selected (eg, when the Logfile tab is selected)?

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related to 0002801 assignedK7ZCZ 3 - Current Dev List Logbook: ALE "worked" indicators don't appear predictably 



2019-03-10 23:56

administrator   ~0007669

I've updated the documentation.

The row coloring is based on WSI values, but colored rows are not WSIs.

I have no idea what a "Confirmation Search" is and I can't find any reference in the Wiki or the UI.

The addition of this "Use ONLY open logbook for WSI" is problematic and I opposed its addition. There are a whole lot of potential problems and unanswered questions here. Among them:

- What if there are multiple logs open?
- What if this option is checked, but the "Include in worked status lookups" is selected for unopened databases? Is this a conflict? I don't know. (see image)

But at this point, the documentation is as complete as it's going to get without answering some of these questions.

Closing this item.

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