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0002709Ham Radio Deluxe[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-05-13 15:26
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.840 
Summary0002709: Setup: installer shows "InstallAware" branding on almost every page
DescriptionThere are lots of pages in the setup application that says "InstallAware" on them. It would be great to reduce the InstallAware branding that we show at setup time. I think there's so much that it's a little confusing to users who might be wondering what they're installing in the first place.

Steps To ReproduceRun setup. Most UI says something like "InstallAware Wizard will do some action for you", like in the attached screenshot.
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2018-05-08 15:43


InstallAware.png (15,945 bytes)
InstallAware.png (15,945 bytes)


2018-05-09 08:22

developer   ~0004978

Unfortunately, InstallAware doesn't make it possible to completely remove their name from a setup applicatio ndeveloped with their tools. This thread at their support forum explains that they charge a large fee to issue a licensed version that removes their branding from the toolset:


2018-05-09 08:43

developer   ~0004979

Fixed with this checkin:

Not all mentions of "InstallAware" could be removed, including the title bar and the bold text in the example image attached to this issue. However, almost all other references to "InstallShield" are gone. I don't think we can do any better without the crazy spend on the new license.


2018-05-10 15:50

viewer   ~0004991

No problem for me.
What I find more strange is that when Uninstalling HRD, the InstallAware shows that the application is being installed on most pages!


2018-05-11 20:59

developer   ~0004993

The issue of the uninstallation process calling itself an installer is tracked separately by Mantis 2114. This issue is liited to the "InstallAware" branding problem.


2018-05-12 01:22

administrator   ~0005019

Love it! Great fix.

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