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0002710Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-11-11 00:34
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.902 
Summary0002710: No Buttons are showing in Rig Control when connected to an IC-7851
DescriptionCan connect my IC-7851 properly to rig control. But I do not see the graphical "radio operating buttons" to the left and right of the frequency indication/setting area in rig control.
However, when I am connecting my other ICOM TRX (IC-7700, IC-7300), I have all the radio buttons I need to control the TRX via rig control to the left and right of the frequency indication/setting area.
Steps To ReproduceAsked around for other 7851 users but no success,
Additional InformationTicket #475591
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ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRadio Support
Testing Beta Successful


related to 0002314 closedPD9FER Ham Radio Deluxe IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection 
related to 0002938 new 3 - Current Dev List Rig Control: some IC-7851 buttons not working, missing 



2018-05-09 05:23


ICOM IC-7300 RigControl Main Screen.JPG (287,279 bytes)
ICOM IC-7851 RigControl Main Screen.JPG (269,274 bytes)


2018-11-01 23:22

administrator   ~0006360

Seems like this issue at least partially overlaps 2314


2018-11-01 23:24

administrator   ~0006361

This issue is fixed with this checkin:


2018-11-05 12:29

viewer   ~0006386

Send the Beta to customer and am waiting for his reply


2018-11-06 03:15

viewer   ~0006393

Customer comment:
I just made a smoke test:

1. I see the buttons now – and they work!, as far as I was able to test them in the short time.
2. At a first glance, I am missing some buttons:

a. The MP-W and the MP-R buttons; I like to use them quite often.

b. The V/M button; you replaced it with the two buttons VFO and MEM ?

c. The M = S button should rather read M > S;
 on the 7851 front panel, this button always copies from M to S, independently of which receiver (main or sub) is active.

d. The APF button; on the “real” 7851 it is combined with the TPF button. In your HRD layout it is missing.
 However, I accept that this APF button is not so important to see it in HRD since this function is depending to the adjustment of the allocated knob on the TRX’ front panel.

e. It would be nice to have the “Main” and “Sub” button side by side instead of one above the other. This would be more like the arrangement on the 785’1 front panel.

f. In my 7851, I have inhibited to be able to switch the antenna matrix via remote control – for safety reasons. It would however be nice to be able to toggle between the programmed TX Antenna (1, 2, 3 or 4) to the RX-I/O antenna .
 This is a function I use very often during contesting.

3. There may be more nice “cosmetics” possible. For the moment I am happy to see the working buttons in HRD. Congratulations!

73, Fred HB9EPP


2018-11-07 20:54

administrator   ~0006398

I have created 2938 to track the reported issues, since they're orthogonal to the originally reported problem -- and that originally reported problem is fixed.

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