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00027131 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2020-07-12 21:47
ReporterPD9FERAssigned ToWA9PIE 
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Summary0002713: Clicking Cluster spots annomality
DescriptionWhen you double-click a DX cluster entry, with details of a split operation, logbook correctly sets split mode with different Tx and Rx frequencies. When you double-click a different DX cluster entry, which does not have details of split operation, the split mode remains set.
Steps To ReproduceDouble Click in the Cluster to a entry with QSX or Up 5
Verify that the radio goes in Split mode.
Now click in the cluster on a Spot without QSX, radio stay's in Split mode.
Additional InformationTicket #883302
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Sub-ModuleDX Cluster
TestingNot Started



2018-06-14 00:58

administrator   ~0005317

We need to correctly implement QSX and stop trying to do "up x".


2019-04-17 09:36

developer   ~0007868

This issue is likely radio-specific, but no notes about which radio is involved.

Seems like "UP X" is working; it's that clicking on an entry that doesn't have a split instruction doesn't cause the radio to return to not-split settings. Maybe that's wrong -- but for sure specific guidance on "correctly implement QSX" would make this issue actionable.


2019-04-25 13:52

updater   ~0007889

FYI: Radio is Icom IC-7300


2019-05-30 16:50

developer   ~0007957

Switched to "enhnacement" per the team call on 2019-05-30

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