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Summary0002719: DM-780 fails to notify of worked stations.
DescriptionThere is an issue in DM-780 where it fails to indicate that a station has been worked before. Several customers have notified us that they were able to resolve this issue by disabling the Auto-Upload options in the Logbook for eQSL,, ClubLog and any other options where we have a checkbox to auto-upload the contacts as soon as the contact is entered in the logbook.

Steps To ReproduceTo replicate the problem

1. Configure eQSL, ClubLog,, QRZ and any others that allow Auto-Upload when a record is entered in the logbook.

2. With Logbook running, open DM-780

3. Select a callsign that is known to be recorded in your logbook and put it in the ALE screen in DM-780 and hit the "TAB" key on your keyboard

4. When the ALE populates, look on the bottom of the ALE screen in DM-780 and see if it shows that the contact has been worked before.

Look at the bottom of the ALE in DM and If all goes as expected, it will tell you that the contact has "Not been worked" or something to that affect.

Now, go back to the Logbook and disable all the Auto-Upload options by removing the check mark from the respective boxes.

Try the above procedure again by entering a call that is already in the logbook into the DM-780 ALE screen and hit your TAB key.

Again look at the bottom of the ALE screen in DM. With the Auto-Upload boxes all unchecked, the bottom of the DM-780 ALE screen will show you that you have worked that station on XXXX bands, etc.

We have had a couple customers report that this has resolved this long standing issue. Ferry and I both tested it and it works exactly as explained, so it should work for any developer who tries it.
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