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0002723Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-06-13 09:13
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.843 
Summary0002723: Setup: doesn't correctly manage service installation or uninstall
DescriptionThe suite contains two services, one named "HRD Serial Port Server" and the other named "Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server".

Neither server is correctly managed by setup at installation or removal. A service might be in any of several states. It might not be installed at all (which is one state). Or, if installed, it might be paused, running, disabled, and a few other states.

The setup script only considers the "Running" and "Not Installed" states. If a service happens to be stopped, paused, or in any other state, it won't be managed by setup. This is a pretty severe bug, as the lack of management means that the services might not even be upgraded; running setup for build 800 while code for the services at build 700 exists on the machine, but are not in the "running" state, won't remove, upgrade, or enable the older code. The older code remains and is not replaced by the setup action.
Steps To Reproduce1) Starting with a clean slate, run setup to completion.
2) Use the Services applet to disable the "HRD Serial Port Server" and "Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server" services
3) Uninstall the product
4) Again run (or refresh) the services applet.

BUG#1) the services applet shows that the services are still installed.

BUG#2) The executable for the services are no longer installed, but the services haven't been removed from the product.

5) Run setup again.

BUG#3) With the services applet, it can be verified that the services are still disabled.

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Testing Beta Successful



2018-05-24 13:12

developer   ~0005107

fixed with this checkin:


2018-05-31 15:52

viewer   ~0005157

HRD Services now uninstall cleanly with HRD uninstall.


2018-06-01 03:39

viewer   ~0005163

I admit I am out of my depth on this one but used my 2nd boot system to try.
On installing HRD I get the message in Capture1.
I click on NO and the install continues.
No remote servers are running.
If I then uninstall HRD, the open Windows of Rig Control and Logbook are not closed until I close them manually.

Capture1.PNG (134,566 bytes)
Capture1.PNG (134,566 bytes)

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