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00027283 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2018-05-20 23:27
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Summary0002728: Documentation: docs seem to confuse HRDSerialPortSvr with HRDRemoteSvr
The product ships two services: HRDRemoteSvr and HRDSerialPortSvr.

The documentation doesn't make their roles or usage clear. The same section of the documentation seems to describe both, interchangably showing screenshots with the two names. This should be clarified.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Go to this page:

2) Search on that page for this text string: "Ham Radio DeluxeRemoteSvr.exe "

BUG#1) This file, and the matching "Ham Radio DeluxeRemoteSvr.cfg" file aren't the correct names. The product actually uses HRDRemoteSvr.EXE and HRDRemoteSvr.CFG.

BUG#2) In this section of the document, one screen shot shows configuration for HRDRemoteSvr and another screen shot shows HRDSerialPortSvr.

BUG#3) In this section of the document, text for a config file is shown and the description given says it's for the Remote Server. The text in the config file is actually from the HRDSerialPortSvr.CFG file.

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