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00027333 - Current Dev ListEnhancementpublic2019-02-17 10:57
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Summary0002733: Setup: opportunity for branding
DescriptionThe setup UI uses the default InstallAware background art on all of its pages. Some pages have a header, some have a margin, as shown in the attached images.

To make the setup look more finished and reinforce our own branding, we should provide our own artwork in these areas.

Steps To Reproduce1) Fire up setup
2) Observe UI border on welcome step
3) Press Next; observe UI in margin on EULA step

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2018-05-21 08:19


SetupMargin.png (18,722 bytes)
SetupMargin.png (18,722 bytes)
SetupHeader.png (27,302 bytes)
SetupHeader.png (27,302 bytes)

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