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Summary0002738: Logbook ALE STX and SRX saved to wrong fields in the log
DescriptionThe STX# (Serial TX #) and SRX# (Serial RX #) are being saved in the wrong fields in the Logbook DB. These fields should be configured as numeric only, however, the way they are now, any kind of data you enter in those fields in the ALE are saved to the Received Exchange and the Sent Exchange. The data in the Sent Exch and RCVD Exch is entirely something else and is defined by the contest organizers.

Please see the attached image of the logbook and please read
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related to 0002231 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe STX_STRING and SRX_STRING values are not being exported properly on ADIF export 



2018-05-24 13:15


SRX STX Wrong fields.jpg (125,050 bytes)
SRX STX Wrong fields.jpg (125,050 bytes)


2018-05-24 13:33

administrator   ~0005109

A PDF file is in the support docs that explains how this SHOULD work and where the items are to be saved in the Logbook DB.
\Team Drives\HRD Software\HRD Support\HRD Logbook Guidance\LB - ALE Contest STX - SRX Numbers.pdf


2018-05-28 16:48

developer   ~0005128

Linked to 2231, which changed how these fields are managed a few build ago. That issue describes ADIF exports, but it does indicate a format for these field and made no mention of numbers in square brackets as the "LB - ALE Contest STX - SRX Numbers" document does.

The only way to fix this would be with a complete and clear specification of the functionality.


2019-07-12 17:21

updater   ~0008222

As indicated by a recent customer with the same issue. Please refer to OS Ticket 202295


2019-08-26 14:59

updater   ~0008448

Customer was inquiring about the status of this issue Ref ticket 364439


2019-09-28 08:03

updater   ~0008717

Ticket 199026 (Related?)


2020-02-07 12:07

administrator   ~0009583

I looked at the Cabrillo file format with a guy here at the Orlando hamfest. Seems the problem is that we're not including SRX and TRX in the Cabrillo export file.

Where does that data go? It's a text file. What columns in the QSO line do these values go?

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