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0002739Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-07-25 20:47
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.873 
Summary0002739: HRD Rotator spontanious locking up/freezing build 840
Descriptionsince Build 780, the latest release of the HRDRotator.exe, application has failed to function properly by locking up for no reason after an hour or so of running and especially when trying to exit "X" out of the program, it hangs up and must be forced to close. now back to running build 806 with build 780 HRDRotator.exe and all is good. Build 787 was the first time in many versions that the rotator failed to function properly.
Steps To ReproduceJust use the program, it is too random too do replication.
Additional InformationTicket #602390

Minidump added to the Dumps folder
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Testing Beta Successful


has duplicate 0002701 closedPD9FER Rotor application crashes on use 



2018-05-25 02:56

viewer   ~0005110



2018-05-25 15:52

administrator   ~0005112

This bug says there's an issue with Build 860, but the provided dump is from Build 840.

Which version is the customer actually using?

0:000:x86> lmDvmHRDRotator
Browse full module list
start    end        module name
012a0000 01d11000   HRDRotator   (export symbols)       HRDRotator.exe
    Loaded symbol image file: HRDRotator.exe
    Image path: C:\Program Files (x86)\HRD SOFTWARE LLC\HAM RADIO DELUXE\HRDRotator.exe
    Image name: HRDRotator.exe
    Browse all global symbols  functions  data
    Timestamp:        Sun May 13 12:15:15 2018 (5AF88EC3)
    CheckSum:         0086D638
    ImageSize:        00A71000
    File version:
    Product version:
    File flags:       0 (Mask 3F)
    File OS:          4 Unknown Win32
    File type:        1.0 App
    File date:        00000000.00000000
    Translations:     0409.04b0
    CompanyName:      HRD Software, LLC
    ProductName:      HRD Rotator
    InternalName:     Rotator
    OriginalFilename: Rotator.EXE
    SpecialBuild:     Release
    FileDescription:  Ham Radio Deluxe Rotator Application
    LegalCopyright:   Copyright © 2008-2018 by HRD Software, LLC
    Comments:         Ham Radio Deluxe Rotator controller


2018-05-25 16:14

administrator   ~0005113

Without any information describing the scenario that causes this problem, diagnosing and fixing this issue will be an arduous task.

Please take the time to provide whatever information you can about the state of the application and which settings might affect the appearance of the problem.

The Rotator can draw a polar map or a Mercator map. Does the problem reproduce with one map type, or both?

The Rotator might be set to draw sunlight lines or not. Does this setting affect the possibility of hanging?

What's the color depth of the user's display?

The Rotator application might draw long or short paths. Which setting makes the issue more likely to appear?

The Rotator application may be set to draw "gauges" or not. What setting makes the problem more or less likely to occur?

The Rotator application might draw maidenhead squares (in a Mercator view) or not. Does that setting predict the appearance of the issue?

The Rotator application can zoom the map in or out. Does the Zoom setting seem to have an effect on the problem?


2018-05-28 10:55

administrator   ~0005119

Nothing heard for my queries, so I'm afraid I have to guess.

The best I have at the moment is a bit of code which looks as though it is intended to clip the border of the drawn heading text in degrees. Rather than doing math, that code is a loop which decrements on of the coordinates by one and tests again. The dump looks like it is stopped in this loop. It's not easy to find the values involved in the code, since they're stored in XMM registers due to the use of floats and GDI+, but it looks like they're very far off and end up causing the loop to run a long time. Because the loop is in response to a paint request, the long-running code hangs the app until it completes.

Without being able to reproduce this issue, the best I can provide is a speculative fix. I'd be far more comfortable being able to test the fix. I'd also prefer to understand what's actually causing the out-of-range coordinates to be passed; perhaps there is bad math someplace that is causing a parameter to go out of bounds. With no available information, I don't believe I have any alternative.


2018-05-28 14:59

administrator   ~0005123

Fixed with this changeset:


2018-06-01 03:10

viewer   ~0005159

Contacted the customer and asked to test build 842
Getting additional info is rather daunting


2018-06-03 04:02

viewer   ~0005183

Still have same issues with 842
New dump file:


2018-06-03 17:03

administrator   ~0005184

The fix I made is not in build 842; 842 was built before this fix was checked in. A build with this fix has yet to be produced.


2018-06-03 17:18

administrator   ~0005187

The call stack from the new dump points at the same bit of code that I fixed with the above checkin.


2018-06-06 08:54

viewer   ~0005212

I will let customer try when the Build is available.


2018-07-01 03:02

viewer   ~0005579

Fixed in 858


2018-07-22 04:07

viewer   ~0005754

Cannot test.


2018-07-23 09:55

viewer   ~0005756

Waiting for confirmation on build 872
Tim has a remote planned with the customer.


2018-07-23 22:46

administrator   ~0005765

Need an update folks Ferry/Tim.


2018-07-24 12:51

viewer   ~0005777

Got confirmation from Tim.
Fixed in 872

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