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Summary0002750: Satellite Tracker goes Non responsive on AOS
DescriptionWhen the selected Satellite is AOS the program Sat track is going non responsive.
Also Sometimes the HRD Rotator program is crashing.

Do Note, this does not happen when NOT connected to rig Control.
Steps To RigControl and SatTrack >> connect to ICOM radio
2.On SatTrack, I check the pass and select 1 satellite to track.
3.Enable RX and Click open Rotator software, and software connected to rotator.
Process 1-3 everything work fine
4.On Rotator software, when I click "DDE connect" and "DDE track". The rotator is moving for 2-5 sec and SatTrack software freezing. The rotator stop working and rotator software also freezing.
Additional InformationTicket #591632
Did a Remote with Customer, witnessed the problem.
Got one minidump created by the Rotator app and One Dump file I created when Sat track got unresponsive.

Both are in the Dumps folder.
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This needs to be retested. I've done this extensively lately and I'm not getting an error.

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