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0002751Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-02-24 15:12
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002751: Documentation: "South Stop" option not described in documentation
DescriptionThe Rotator famously has a "South Stop" setting. This effect and purpose of this option are not described in the documentation. In fact, the screen shots in the documentation don't show the option at all.
Steps To Reproduce1) Check out the rotor documentation at this link:
2) Note that the screen shot in that section doesn't include the "stop position" setting. Further, the documentation makes no mention of the setting or its function.
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related to 0001833 closedJOSE HRD Rotor - When South Stop is selected, East becomes 270 dgrees 
child of 0002917 closedWA9PIE "South Stop" implementation has problems and needs to be fixed or removed 



2018-06-16 00:44

administrator   ~0005342

I suspect that the reason why it doesn't exist in these images is because this flawed "north stop / south stop" thing was added after these images were taken.

We'll update the documentation as we update the Rotor Control software.


2019-01-29 23:41

administrator   ~0007147

We resolved this by eliminating the south stop option. It wasn't needed.


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