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Summary0002759: Cleanup: remove use of bogus xmalloc / xfree macros
Several applications declare and use macros for memory management, like this:

#define xmalloc(s) (LPBYTE)HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(),0,(s))
#define xfree(p)   HeapFree (GetProcessHeap(),0,(LPVOID)(p))

These macros are bad for all the reasons that macros are bad -- most notably, type safety here.

More importantly, these macros aren't necessary. It's better to use new/delete or malloc/free, as they provide advanatages in debugging and performance, and are closer to C++ consturcts for sensible object (rather than memory) usage.

There is some evidecne that these macros were hacked in to work around perceived problems in the heap implementation. In fact, the issues largely surround concurrency and correctless issues in our own code.
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2018-09-13 16:03

developer   ~0006203

This checkin is made to the MikeB2 branch.

Once this change is merged to the main branch, the fixes will be available to test.


2018-12-11 18:22

developer   ~0006578

Some more progress here ...


2018-12-12 09:14

developer   ~0006585

A bit more progress with this checkin


2019-10-20 15:22

developer   ~0008879

Tiny progress here ...

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