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0002760Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2019-11-07 05:46
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002760: FT-991 firmware upgrade makes HRD unusable
DescriptionWith the update of firmware to the latest, many of the cat commands no longer work, even more important they do things that they should not do. All menu commands starting with 088 have move down two numbers. This has basically made HRD unusable for me, both in the shack, but especially remote operations where I am not at the radio.

If it is not going to be fixed soon, please let me know the module name that contains the cat command strings and if possible the approximate offset. If necessary I will try and patch the module so at least it will not do unexpected things. The new list of CAT commands is contained in the download for the firmware update. If you need it I can upload the documentation file for you.
Additional InformationTicket #491445
TagsFT-991, FT-991A, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
Testing Beta Successful


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2018-09-09 13:17

administrator   ~0006154

Is this only the FT-991... or does this also affect the FT-991A?


2018-09-11 02:42

viewer   ~0006198

Ticket #456777 FT-991A Lagging Communications to the radio and Missing VFO-B (No confirmation on firmware update yet)
Ticket #566089 FT-991 Lagging Communications to the radio and Missing VFO-B (Confirmed Firmware update)
Ticket #843190 FT-991 Lagging communications to the radio (No confirmation on Firmware update yet)
Ticket #921395 FT-991A (but has only S-Meter issues)
Ticket #487065 FT-991 Lagging communications to the radio (Confirmed Firmware update)

I will keep track on this together with Tim


2018-10-15 04:40

viewer   ~0006282

New Ticket #115958
The main one is the time delay when operating my FT-991A through HRD. There is a 5-6 second delay when changing bands, when using:

 In HRD –
•Logbook; there are time delays selecting callsigns from the DX cluster etc.
•DM 780 time delays sending etc.

•Wsjt-x through HRD there are time delays on the start of transmit of around 3-4 seconds and at the finish of a transmit period there is a delay of around 3-5 seconds plus delays on band changing around 2-5 seconds.


2018-10-15 04:41

viewer   ~0006283

Another Ticket, same complaints as above Ticket# 490928


2018-11-08 04:56

viewer   ~0006402

Please Prioritize these FT-991(A) issues.
Customers are getting very upset.


2018-12-13 10:57

developer   ~0006598

I am testing with this firmware:

Main: 3.1
DSP: 1.11
TFT: 3.00
C4FM: 4.15


2018-12-13 11:06

developer   ~0006599

Doing binary edits of the executables is not something we support. It's not a workable solution for several different reasons, and isn't something that we should be suggesting to customers as a viable approach.

It would be a lot easier to work this issue if it were split into individual items. In the future, please avoid "piling on" different problems in to the same Mantis issue. It's always easier to resolve something as related or a duplicate than it is to pick apart different problems in the same Mantis issue.

The issues presented in this bug are duplicates of other issues already tracked:

Ticket #566089: 2928, 2865
Ticket #456777: 2928, 2865
Ticket #843190: 2928
Ticket #921395: 2954
Ticket #487065: 2928
Ticket #115958: 2928
Ticket #490928: 2928

That leaves us with the fundamental complaint that "All menu commands starting with 088 have move down two numbers." Let's use this issue for tracking a fix for that. If other symptoms appaear, please open a new Mantis issue for each of them instead of overloading this one.


2018-12-13 14:10

developer   ~0006618

RTTY sliders (only) are fixed with this checkin:


2018-12-14 14:52

developer   ~0006648

There's a overlap with this issue and several others. Between the resolution of the related issues and this checkin, I think we're all set to work against current firmware.


2018-12-17 11:57

administrator   ~0006693

I removed ticket number from the Summary and placed it in Additional Information.


2018-12-20 08:15

viewer   ~0006730

Sent Beta to the customer.
Waiting for feedback


2019-01-01 21:09

administrator   ~0006831


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