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0002771Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-04-28 11:42
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002771: Green Heron Rotator RT-21 will not connect
DescriptionDid a remote into customer's computer. Has a Green Heron RT-21 Rotator and controller. Connected to computer via virtual com port3 using FTDI interface cable. When this rotor option is selected from the rotator types dropdown, select Com3 and set refresh to 1 second. Click connect and the software will not connect to the rotor controller.

If the rotor type is changed to the RT-20 on Com3 with 1 second refresh, it connects properly but will not turn the rotor. Something seems to be amiss with the software connecting to the wrong rotor type and not being able to control the RT-21 controler.
Additional InformationTicket #463859
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2018-06-29 17:07

administrator   ~0005550

fix spelling so that searching is possible


2019-02-20 23:22

administrator   ~0007462

Given what I'm seeing with the Yaesu rotor controller, I think we should check the baud rate for all these controllers to make sure we're using a baud rate that is supported by the controller.


2019-02-21 13:32

developer   ~0007479

There are only a few Rotators that the baud rate is configurable. Yaesu is one of them. For all Heron RT-20/RT-21 the software uses 4800 only and there is no way to change it from the GUI.


2019-04-28 11:42

administrator   ~0007894

Confirmed by Craig, KE5VSH

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